Secret meanings of the number 59

Secret meanings of 59. What does repeatedly seeing 59 mean? Why do you keep seeing 59? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 59

  • Represent the solidarity of the Beings continued in the incarnation, according to R. Allendy.
  • Residence of the spiritual Man, according to J. Boehme.

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Gematria of the Number 59

  • Numerical value of the Hebrew word Boaz according to Abellio, one of the two pillars of the Temple of Solomon, the other being Jachin. (1 K 7,21)
  • The numerical value of the Hebrew word LEITE, meaning to wish ardently, gives 59.

Facts about the number 59

  • Mary sees his Son loaded of the cross. (Lk 23,27)
  • According to the "Transitus Mariae", apocryphal book reporting mainly the death and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, this one would have lived on the earth during 59 years.
  • The rosary of the seven pains of the Virgin Mary has 59 grains. The prayer of the Ave Maria is told 52 times and the Our Father, 8 times. The seven meditated mysteries are in the order:
  • The old man Simeon announces to Mary that a sword of pain will pierce her soul. (Lk 2,25-35)
  • Mary to the tomb of Jesus. (Jn 19,41-42)
  • The 59 promises given by the Holy Virgin Mary to those who will recite and carry faithfully the rosary of cord. It is a small rosary in tied cord, composed of 60 nodes, and to the end of which is attached a gilded crucifix. Among these promises we finds mainly graces of conversion, of cure, help, protection and blessings of all kinds.
  • The disappearance of Jesus. (Lk 2,41-52)
  • Saint Joseph was 59 years old when he died, according to visions of Mary Agreda reported in the "Divine life the Very Holy Virgin Mary". However, in "The Mystical City", always of Mary Agreda, it is written that the duration of life of saint Joseph was 60 years and a few days. That he married the Virgin in his thirty third years old and that he lived 27 years and a little more in his company. When he died, Our Lady was then 41 years and 6 months old approximately.
  • Mary receives the inanimate body of his Son. (Jn 19,38-40)
  • Mary at the foot of the Cross. (Jn 19,25-27)
  • The escape in Egypt. (Mt 2,13-15)

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