Higher meanings of the number 58

Higher meanings of 58. What does repeatedly seeing 58 mean? Why do you keep seeing 58? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Video Explaining the Higher Meaning of number 58

Angel Number 58: The Meanings of Angel Number 58

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Gematria of the Number 58

  • Numerical value of the word "Chesed", meaning Clemency, of the Sephirotic Tree of the Cabal, according to Abellio.

Facts about the number 58

  • Some apocryphal books, reporting the death of Zachariah, son of Barachias and father of John Baptist, report that when the this one was "assassinated between the sanctuary and the altar" (Mt 23,35; Lk 11,51), his blood spread on the ground continued to bubble during 58 years - others apocryphal books speak about 50 years rather. And according to others sources, the blood of Zachariah would have bubbled until the arrival of Titus during the destruction of Jerusalem. The blood of Zachariah was alleviated when Titus slaughtered 300000 people in Jerusalem. The same phenomenon occurred during the murder of John Baptist by Herod during of the banquet. His blood to the place where he had been poured did not cease to bubble. When one informed the king of it, he ordered to cover it of clay. But whatever was the quantity of clay that they threw over, the blood did not cease to bubble.

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