Sacred meanings of the number 54

Sacred meanings of 54. What does repeatedly seeing 54 mean? Why do you keep seeing 54? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Video Explaining the Sacred Meaning of number 54

Angel Number 54: The Meanings of Angel Number 54

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Facts about the number 54

  • One tells that in "Atlantic City" city (Virginia) the Maffia has the control of the games and the casino. All the personnel of the casino, from the sweeper to the director, is registers to the syndic of the Mafia and wears the number 54, their symbol number hang to their clothing.
  • Number of grains that can have the Chinese rosary originating from the Buddhist.
  • According to Maspero, it is one the astronomical coordinate of Lo-Yang, the old imperial capital - 108 divided by two, the other being 36.
  • The 54 small treatises of the writings of Plotin, such as they were transmitted by his disciples.
  • The 54 volumes that compose the Tripitaka of Buddhism.
  • The Pentateuch (Torah) is divided into fifty four (54) weekly sections, called Paracha or Sidra by the Jews. The Paracha is read in the synagogue during the morning office of the Chabbat.

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