Secret meanings of the number 500

Secret meanings of 500. What does repeatedly seeing 500 mean? What does 500 symbolize? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 500

  • Represent the physical life of the microcosmic creature, according to R. Allendy.
  • Represent the cosmic germ, according to Annick of Souzenelle.
  • Symbolize the infinity for Irish.

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Facts about the number 500

  • Some apocryphal books mention the appearance of the Phoenix, bird of resurrection, during the sacrifice of Abel whose it is spoken in the Genesis. Since this time, the Phoenix returns every 500 years on the altar of the sacrifices to the Temple. It returns for the tenth and last time to the birth of Christ. When Simeon replaces Zachariah, the day of the murder of Zachariah, the phoenix burns on the pinnacle of the Temple while the parents of Jesus make a sacrifice for the presentation of their child. This narration recalls the passage of the Bible where Jesus speaks about the period staring from the blood of the innocent Abel spread by Cain until the blood of Zachariah, wire of Barachiah, assassinated between the sanctuary and the altar (Mt 23,35).
  • Some authors believe that the Ascension of the Christ has been made ahead 500 witnesses.
  • According to the legend, to the birth of Buddha, 500 young white elephants come to touch with their trunk the feet of the king, that is to say the father of Buddha.

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