Secret meanings of the number 46

Secret meanings of 46. What does repeatedly seeing 46 mean? Why do you keep seeing 46? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 46

  • According to R. Allendy, it is the Karma, 6, in cycles of the nature, 40.
  • J. Boehme calls numbers 44, 45 and 46 the trinity of the human life.

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Gematria of the Number 46

  • Numerical value of the Hebrew word haia, the beast.
  • Numerical value of the name of Adam in Greek: A=1, D=4, A=1, M=40, the sum giving 46.

Facts about the number 46

  • Number of chromosomes that contains each cell of the human body, grouped in twenty three pairs.
  • In the Greek mythology, Aloeus, son of Poseidon, and Iphimedia fathered Ote and Ephialte. These heroes were feed by the earth growing of nine fingers per month (16 cm). When they found the body of Ote, he measured 46 cubits (more than 20m). Aloades, Ote and Ephialte are especially known to have tried to climb the sky by piling the mounts ones on the others. Struck by Zeus, they are chained in hell to a column, back-to-back, attached by snakes.
  • In the Koran, it is mentioned: "The dream of the believer represents the forty sixth part of the prophecy".
  • Saint Joachim was 46 years old when he taken as wife saint Ann. They were later the parents of the Virgin Mary, according to visions of Mary Agreda.
  • It is the number of days of the Lent starting from the Ash Wednesday - fourth day of the week - to Easter, including six Sundays which were not days of penances according to the ancient Church. Thibaul Of Langres points out for it that the value of the name of Adam in Greek is 46. The number of days of the fast of the Lent marks although we fell by Adam.
  • The 46 questions asked by the disciples to Jesus twelve years after his resurrection according to the Pistis Sophia - gnostic book in Coptic language. Thirty nine of these questions would have been asked by Mary-Magdalen.
  • Sicard of Cremone points out that some authors put between the birth of Mary and the death of Christ 46 years.

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