Higher meanings of the number 400

Higher meanings of 400. What does repeatedly seeing 400 mean? What does 400 symbolize? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 400

  • Symbol of the innumerable, the inexpressible for the Mayas.
  • Symbolizes the human fragility, according to Thibaut Of Langres.
  • According to R. Allendy, it represents the rotational cycles of the nature in the microcosmic creature, and in particular the four ages of the human life with their correspondences in the temperaments and the races.
  • It is the numerical value of the last Hebraic letter "taw", corresponding to the last mystery of the Tarot: the World. According to the Theosophy, the evolution of the microcosmic creature of our planet not having exceeded the stage of the 5th race, the Hebraic alphabet ends on this numerical symbol, having not to express any of the ideas higher than our current plan, according to R. Allendy.
  • Salemi sees in this number the symbol of the cross, itself being the symbol of the life and the sacrifice.

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Facts about the number 400

  • It is the number of year that will survive the just before the advent of the Messiah, the resurrection and the general judgement, according to one of the seven visions of the second book of Ezra in the writings of the library of Qumran.
  • Number of years from David to the exile.
  • In each cycle of 400 years of the Gregorian calendar, the 13 of the month coinciding with Friday arrives more often than any other day of the week.
  • The captivity of the Hebrews in Egypt had to last 400 years. But thanks to the merits of Isaac and Joseph, this time of slavery was shortened of 190 years.
  • The Senate of Athens counted 400 members in Antiquity.
  • The popular French expression "to make the 400 blows" means "to lead a reckless life". In 1622, Louis XIII fires 400 shots with his canons in order to show his force to the besiege of Montauban. We considers that the expression comes from this debauchery of artillery.
  • In mathematics, there are 400 grades in a circle.
  • One year in the Mayas lasted 400 days.
  • The 400 warriors laid out on the square place of the Temple of Coricancha, at a rate of hundred per side, during the feast of the Moon, at Incas.

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