Sacred meanings of the number 39

Sacred meanings of 39. What does repeatedly seeing 39 mean? Why do you keep seeing 39? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 39

  • According to R. Allendy, this number represents "the organization and the solidarity of the Cosmos, being expressed by the harmony of the relations between the parts - 3 + 9 = 12. As triple thirteen, it is the individual initiative, nonfortuitous, but organized and harmonized".

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Number 39 Meaning - Angel Number 39 | The Meaning Of Angel Number 39

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Gematria of the Number 39

  • The Hebrew word Amen, gives as numerical value 39 = 1+13+25 by using the gematria in "n", that is to say 3 times 13. Amen is well one of the divine Names (the truth name of the Christ) as specified by Isaiah 65,16 (in the NRSV) confirmed by the Revelation 3,14.
  • The numerical value of the Hebrew word IEVE AHD, meaning "God is One", gives 39.
  • By using the correspondence a=1, b=2, c=3, ..., z=26, we find that the name of "God" in French ("Dieu") gives 39 as numerical value.

Facts about the number 39

  • The 39 types of works forbidden during the Sabbath, according to the Mishna (documents of the rabbinical Judaism and Pharisees): to sow, plow, reap, put in sheaves, to beat the grain, to winnow, to sift, grind, sieve, to knead, cook, mow the wool, to whiten it, to card it, to dye it, spin, to warp, to make two points, to weave two wires, to unpick two wires, to link, untie, sew two points, to tear with the intention to sew two points, to hunt the deer, to slaughter it, to divest it, to salt it, work its skin, to depilate it, to carve it, write two letters, to erase in the intention to write two letters, to build, demolish, extinguish, light, forge to the hammer, to carry from an area to another.
  • The flagellation
  • The circumcision
  • The crucifixion
  • It is the number of weeks of gestation of the woman.
  • The rosary of the Precious Blood of Christ has 39 grains. The prayer of the Our-Father is told 33 times and the Glory to the Father 7 times. The seven meditated mysteries are the following:
  • The blow of lance
  • The agony
  • The rosary of saint Michael archangel possesses 39 grains. The prayer of the Ave Maria is told 27 times and the Our-Father 13 times. The grains of the rosary are subdivided in 9 sections referring to the 9 choruses of the angels. This archangel has always been represented by the Church as a powerful warrior combating Satan and his fallen angels. This rosary says to us that in his fight against the forces of the Evil, saint Michael counts on the assistance of 9 choruses of the angels to achieve the victory, and also by the intercession of the Virgin Mary, called the Queen of Angels.
  • The crowning of thorns
  • Always according to the Mishna, when an individual transgressed the laws, it had to receive 39 blows of whips.
  • The climbing to the Calvary
  • According to some sources, there would have been 39 antipopes in the history of the Catholic Church.
  • The 39 articles which to be part of the documents containing the foundations of the doctrine of the Anglican Church.

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