Higher meanings of the number 364

Higher meanings of 364. What does repeatedly seeing 364 mean? Why do you keep seeing 364? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Video Explaining the Higher Meaning of number 364

Counting to ONE MILLION!!, This is Number 364

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Facts about the number 364

  • According to The Book of Enoch, it was a time where the year had 364 days divided into four equal parts. Each of these parts, or season, was governed by an angel during 91 days with the assistance "of the chiefs of the thousand species of stars".
  • According to the roll of the Psalms of the writings of the library of Qumran, David, son of Jesse, would have written in all: 4 songs accompanied with music and played for those overcame by the bad spirits; 30 songs for the ceremonies, the days of feasts and the day of the expiation; 52 songs for the offering of the Sabbath; 364 songs to sing ahead the altar for the daily sacrifice, with 3600 psalms.

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