Sacred meanings of the number 300

Sacred meanings of 300. What does repeatedly seeing 300 mean? What is the significance of 300? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 300

  • It is the microcosmic creature organizing itself to become a source of activity, a cause acting, a free and autonomous agent, according to R. Allendy.
  • Symbolize the victory of the faithful soul on the forces of the evil, the victory of God on Satan, according to Thibaut Of Langres. Always according to him, it would symbolize those who since the beginning of the world were going to believe in Christ crucified, because in Greek, 300 is represented by the letter T which has the form of the cross.
  • The corresponding Hebraic letter is "shin". This letter represents the three knocks of mallet or the three tongues of flame of the Holy Spirit going down on the Apostles. This letter also corresponds to the 21th mystery of the Tarot which is the Madman because, according to R. Allendy, the activity of the creature, left to its own means, can be only blind, disordered, as a caricature of the activity of the Archetype.

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Facts about the number 300

  • The 300 Ombrians who was saved from the universal flood.
  • In Cabal and in Hinduism, in the subdivisions of a Mahâ Kalpa - the duration of an eternity - 300 mortal days form one mortal year.
  • According to a legend on the birth of Buddha, his mother carried him during 300 days - the 3 seasons or 9 months multiplied by 100 and reduced in day.
  • Pythagoras had 300 disciples.
  • It is the total number of popes and antipopes that would gather, in its history, the Roman Catholic Church before the second arrival of Christ. According to the prophecy of saint Malachi, John-Paul II would be the 262th Pope, that is to say the 110th of the 111 predicted starting from the first pontiff during his lifetime, in year 1143. Adding the 263 popes with the 36 antipopes, we obtain 299. The 112th pope (the 264th) would be, according to saint Malachi, "Peter the Roman" (Petrus Romanus), for a total of 300.
  • The old kings of Arcadie lived 300 years, in relation with the 300 days of the most oldest year.
  • Xerxes punished the Hellespont of 300 blows of rods.
  • According to the book of the secrets of Enoch, 300 entirely brilliant angels keep the the garden of Eden, and a unceasing voice and a beautiful song serve the Lord all days and every hours.
  • In the Spartans, the particular guard of the king in times of war was composed of 300 men.
  • The ancestors of Romulus had raised 300 towers in central Italy.

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