Sacred meanings of the number 30

Sacred meanings of 30. What does repeatedly seeing 30 mean? Does it mean anything to see 30 repeatedly? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 30

  • Represent the perfect balance in the cosmic organization.
  • To Cabalistic, this number is associated with the letter "lamed", in form of sickle "to express the maturity of the crop". It corresponds also to the 12th Arcane of the Tarot, the Hanging, which is interpreted generally as the Expiation, the Sacrifice, the Martyrdom.

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Numerology 30: The Numerology Meanings of Number 30

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Facts about the number 30

  • Jesus was 30 years old when died his adoptive father Joseph, according to visions of Ann-Catherine Emmerick. And according to visions of Maria Valtorta, Joseph was 30 years old when he took as marries the Virgin Mary then 12 years old.
  • Age of the Greek philosopher Plato when Socrates died.
  • The 30 curias that there was in Rome.
  • Saint John Climaque, monk of the Sinai in the 7th century, has described the thirty degrees of the Christian perfection and the union with God.
  • The 30 transcendent virtues that a buddha has.
  • Number being used for measurement of time. A lot of ancient peoples used a month of 30 days, as in the Egyptian month which gave on the whole 360 days per year, plus 5 days for a total of 365 days in the year. Also at Indians, the day of 24 hours has 30 "Mouhourtas", each "Mouhourta" being formed of 30 "Kalas" and each "Kala" of 30 "Cachtas".
  • The ancient Persia dedicated their month to 30 spirits.
  • In the "Prologue of Zarathroustra", it is written that: "When Zarathroustra was thirty years old, he left his country and the lake of his country, and went in the mountain. There, he profited of his spirit and his solitude and did not weary himself during ten years."
  • The 30 dynasties of Pharaohs, divided into three Empires, that Manethon (priest at the time of the first Ptolemy) elaborated.
  • The ancestors of Romulus had raised 30 towers in central Italy.
  • Age of Paul during his conversion, marking also the beginning of his apostolic activity.
  • The Koran, with these 114 chapters, is divided into 30 parts. During the month of the Ramadan, the daily reading of these 30 parts is obligatory: a part per day.
  • Saint Epiphane tells that it was of tradition to believe that Lazarus was 30 years old when he was resuscitated and that he lived again 30 years after.
  • Anniversary of marriage: weddings of pearl.
  • In the appearances of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, in 1858, Mary appoints herself in thirty letters, "Che soy era immaculada counceptiou" that, under all reserve, could be translated: "It is in Me that you can conceive the splendor and the perfection of the creation before the sin".
  • Among Spartans, there were 30 tribes, 30 senators to the advice of the Ancient and 30 "phyles" by tribe. The Spartans had also divided their territory into 30000 plots, of which two thirds were the property of the citizens, and a third that of the cities like communal goods.
  • According to the revelations received by Mary Agreda, the Virgin Mary arrived at the the perfect age of 30 years old, ceased aging.
  • The sacrifice of the Mass is the most insured means to relieve the defuncts, and especially the Thirtys or the Gregorian Masses. This name comes from saint Gregory who has introduced the use. Himself would have been informed by a revelation of the efficiency of these thirty masses. A day, inflamed for souls of the Purgatory, a very burning charity, he deplored that after his death, he could make nothing any more for them: "My friend, tells him Our Lord, I want to grant in your favor a privilege which will be unique: all soul of the Purgatory that will be offered thirty masses in his honor and without interruption, will be immediately delivered, whatever his debt towards me; and more than that, I will not wait until the masses are celebrated, but I will deliver the soul immediately the offering poured for him." It is not necessary that these thirty masses, tell without interruption, is done by the same priest, neither on the same altar.
  • The famous esoteric tale of the Persian mystical poet Attar tells that 30 birds leave in search of their king, the legendary bird Simorgh, to discover finally that they carried it in them.
  • The distance from the Earth to the Moon is 30 times the terrestrial diameter.
  • In India, there are 30 Raghinis, or nymphs of the music.
  • In revelations of brother Joseph-Francis, the Virgin Mary asks to the priests of his locality to devote himself to her Immaculate Heart, "but instead of that, they mock gravely of Me. Thousands of titles have been given to Me since 250 years; do they know as little as 30?".

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