Secret meanings of the number 25

Secret meanings of 25. What does repeatedly seeing 25 mean? Does it mean anything to see 25 repeatedly? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 25

  • Represent the multiplication of creatures which overlap on the double world of the spirit and the matter, according to R. Allendy: "it is the life graduating on all plans and evolving by the opposite polarity game".
  • Represent the Universal Word of God, according to Abellio.
  • According to saint Augustin, the number 25 represents the Law.

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Facts about the number 25

  • The apostle John was 25 years old when he was called to the apostolate. Similarly, it is at the age of 25 years old that Judas Iscariote was made apostle of Christ, according to visions of Ann-Catherine Emmerick.
  • 1 blessing on the Bread,
  • The Gospel of Barnabe enumerates on the whole 25 miracles of the Jesus Christ.
  • Mahomet was 25 years old when he married a widow, named Khadidja.
  • The 25 precepts of Mahâvira of the Jainism.
  • The particular judgement of an entity after his death happens ahead the Elders, named the 24 Old men, plus the Christ sits on the royal throne, giving a total of 25 Judges.
  • According to visions of Ann-Catherine Emmerich, the duration of the trip of the Three Magi was 25 days and the distance covered between their point of junction and Bethlehem was 672 leagues.
  • It is the length of the sacred cubit in inch.
  • 1 blessing on the Wine,
  • Formerly, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the priest made on Species 25 signs of Cross:
  • Anniversary of marriage: silver wedding.
  • The wait of Abraham who during 25 years hopes the birth of the announced son (Isaac).
  • 5 signs preparing the transubstantiation,
  • 3 signs on the offerings,
  • According to visions of Ann-Catherine Emmerick, there had 25 paths converging to the Tower of Babel and 25 tribes took part in the building work.
  • 15 signs for the remainder of prayers recited.
  • It is the number of days approximately that takes the sun to do a complete rotation on itself.
  • Luke wrote his Gospel 25 years after the Ascension of Jesus, according to visions of Ann-Catherine Emmerick.
  • The portico dedicated to saint James of the basilica of saint Peter in Rome, named also "the gold gate", is opened traditionally by the Pope every 25 years. The Church declares indeed that there is a Holy Year every 25 years and 1975, as the year 2000, are Holy Years.
  • The magic square using the first 25 numbers is associated with the Mars planet and has for sum 65.

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