Sacred meanings of the number 21

Sacred meanings of 21. What does repeatedly seeing 21 mean? Why do you keep seeing 21? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 21

  • Number representing the maturity and the responsibility for an individual. It expresses also the notion of chief.
  • For Claude of Saint-Martin, "the number 21 is the number of destruction or rather of universal termination, because, as 2 is separated from 1, it is necessary that it has a means of to unite there if it wants it. This number shows at the same time the command of the production of things and their end, as well in the spiritual one as in the corporal one."
  • This number "contains the ratios of the principle of individuality 1 with the cosmic differentiation 20", according to R. Allendy. These ratios would constitute an act of organization - 2 + 1 = 3: "Thus the principle of individuality, placed between the world of the spirit and that the matter, realizes in itself the meeting of both."
  • Symbol of the person centered on the object and either on himself.
  • Represent the harmony of the creation.
  • Symbol representing the unknown superiors or the great spiritual Masters of the humanity.
  • Number representing the union of Trinity, whose result of their common action makes emerge the creation.
  • Number of the perfection by excellence, 3 x 7, according to the Bible.
  • The "21, the highest possible number of 3 in the corporal, is in relation with the spiritual and shows the quality of the renewal", according to Eckartshausen.
  • It is the numbered representation of God and the Temple, and for this reason it is considered by the esoteric texts as a divine number or sacred.

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Number 21: The Numerology Meanings of Number 21

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Facts about the number 21

  • It is around the age of 20 or 21 years old that the man reach his final size. Moreover, at much of peoples, the age of 21 years old is chosen as the age of the majority. If the astral body of the man is completely developed at the age of 14 years old, the mental body reaches its full blooming at approximately 21 years old.
  • 5 12 4
  • Sum of number one to six, which is the total of the numbers written on the of die.
  • The 21 divisions of the "Yama loka", for the Indians.
  • Anniversary of marriage: weddings of watch.
  • Magic square of 21:
  • In a same day, Jesus appears in 21 different places of the Palestine to confirm in His Resurrection those who believe in Him.
  • It is the number of ecumenical councils - the 21th is Vatican II.
  • Number of letters of the Italian alphabet.
  • In the encyclical of the Pope Pie XI on the unit of Christians, "Mortalium animos", 1928, it is surprising to note that there is no mention of the Holy Spirit, while in the encyclical of the Pope John-Paul II, "Ut unum sint", the "Holy Spirit" is mentioned 21 times.
  • The text called "Sermo angelicus" or "Hymn of the angel", that saint Brigitte of Sweden (1303 to 1373) wrote under the dictation of an angel, is composed 21 letters. They were read during the matins, in the convent of Vadstena, in homage to the Mother of God, as an Office of the Virgin Mary.
  • When the religious tradition of the Orient refers in its lesson to the psychic nature of the man, it uses the knowledge of the "centers of force" called by Hindus Chakras (wheel) or again Padma (lotus). These centers are to the number of 7 majors, 21 averages and 49 minors, but only the 7 major ones held the attention because of their importance in the initiatory process.
  • The Blessed Virgin was 70 years old when has occurred her Assumption. Thus she lived 21 years after the death Jesus, just like there were 21 years between the presentation of Jesus to the Temple at 12 years old and his death at 33 years old - according to visions of Mary Agreda and Maria Valtorta. Thus Mary, after the Ascension of Jesus, remained still 21 years on the Earth to serve as attentive Mother and prioress to the Church in the childhood, also of adviser to the Apostles for any difficulty being able to occur.
  • 10 2 9
  • The 21 leaves that contain the alchimical book of Abraham the Jew.
  • Saint Ann and saint Joachim gave birth to the Virgin Mary 21 years after their marriage, according to visions of Mary Agreda.
  • Louis XVI became engaged on January 21, 1770, marries on June 21, 1770. He promulgated the suspension of a tax on January 21, 1782 and on January 21, 1784 an enormous obelisk of snow was raised for him on the place Louis XV. Louis XVI is arrested to Varennes on June 21, 1791 and goes up to the scaffold on January 21, 1793. Finally, the 5 letters of his first name added to XVI gives 21.
  • There are 21 amino-acids.
  • 6 7 8

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