Sacred meanings of the number 153

Sacred meanings of 153. What does repeatedly seeing 153 mean? Why do you keep seeing 153? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 153

  • The Holy Spirit and its gifts are illustrated by 7, and 10 represents the law achieved by the grace of the Holy Spirit, which gives a total of 17. Adding numbers 1 to 17, we obtain the total 153, number representing the faithful and the saints admitted to the paradise where God rewards them. 153 symbolizes then the totality of the redeem mankind. Saint Augustin goes in the same direction by affirming that it symbolizes the totality of the chosen people.
  • Characteristic number of the mission of the Christ in the New Testament. The Fathers of the Church agree to see in the number 153 a symbol of the catholicity of the Church, because it is the number of the universality.
  • According to Cyrille of Alexandria, it is the symbol of God and the Church: pagans = 100, Jewish = 50, Trinity = 3.
  • Symbol of the Trinity, according to Origene.
  • Representative number of the Rosary.

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Gematria of the Number 153

  • In Ezekiel, chapter 47 verse 10, we find a gematria that, not only shows the link between the numbers 17 and 153, but moreover reminds the miraculous draught of fishes related by John: "Fishermen will stand along the shore; from En Gedi (numerical value: 17) to En Eglaim (numerical value: 153) there will be places for spreading nets".
  • The numerical value of the Pope John-Paul II, YVHNN PVLVS ShNI, gives 153 by using the gematria in 'n': 10+6+8+14+14=52, 17+6+12+6+15=56 and 21+14+10=45. Therefore 52+56+45 = 153.
  • By using the ASCII character table, the sum of each of number of "153" gives also 153: 1(49) + 5(53) + 3(51) = 153.
  • R E B E K K A
  • The expression "It is [the] Lord" in Greek, [O] curioz estin, have a numerical value of 153 by using the gematria in "n": 22+20+17+9+15+6+5+18+19+9+13=153. The "O" at the beginning is not counted.
  • In his Homily XXXVI, Father Theophane Kerameus sees in the name of Rebecca - the wife of Isaac and mother of the twins Jacob and Esaü - a figure of the Universal Church since, according to him, the number of fishes that were found in the fishing net of the miraculous draught of fishes (Jn 21,11) corresponds to the number of the kind of fishes that live in the sea and also to the numerical value of the Greek name of Rebecca:
  • Adding the numerical value of the Greek word Maria, 152, with the "alpha" of the God, 1, we obtain 153, which makes say to Peignot that God needed Mary to do useful work the salvation.
  • The number of the divinity is 333. By using the ASCII character table, the sum of each digit of the number "333" gives 153: 3(51) + 3(51) + 3(51) = 153.
  • The expression "Word of the Lord" in Greek, Aogoz curiou, numbering 153 by using the gematria in "n", 1+15+3+15+6+22+20+17+9+15+20=153, often begins the prayer of the psalmist, is intercalated in the speeches of the Kings, starts or finishes the advertisements of the prophets.
  • The numerical values of Hebrew word PGGH meaning meeting or contact, and TzMHIE meaning vegetation or the flora, gives each one 153.
  • With the French Cabal, by using as correspondence table A=1, B=2, ..., Z=26, André Bouguenec found that "Sure Source" (in French, "De Source Sûre") = 153. By using the opposite correspondence (A=26, Z=1), we discover that ANTECHRIST (antichrist) = DIVINATION = COMPUTERS = "SANG + LARME" (blood + tear) = 153.
  • By using the correspondence A=1, B=2, ..., Z=26, we discover that "sixteen July" (in French, "seize juillet") gives 153 = (19+5+9+26+5) + (10+21+9+12+12+5+20). And it is in July 16, 1858 that happened the last appearance of Lourde and it is also the feast of Our-Lady of the Mount-Carmel.
  • The result of the circumference of a circle on its diameter gives a constant, 3.14159..., that is represented by PI in mathematics. However, by using the ASCII character table, PI gives 153: P(80) + I(73) = 153.
  • 100 5 2 5 20 20 1 = 153

Facts about the number 153

  • Dominus Tecum (12)
  • In the series of triangular numbers, 153 is a part of it and possesses 17 as a base. And in the series of the hexagonal numbers, 153 is at 9th position - 1, 6, 15, 28, 45, 66, 91, 120, 153, 190, 231, 276, 325 etc. However, 9 x 17 = 153.
  • The during time of a day in the planet of Pluton is 153 hours.
  • The canon Barthas, one of the main historians of Fatima, counted 153 masses that were celebrated in same time after the last appearance of the Virgin Mary in Goa on December 1, 1949.
  • Ave Maria, gratis plena (19)
  • (et) Benedictus fructus ventris tui, Jesus (32)
  • Benedicta tu in mulieribus (23)
  • In "The cybernetics of senses - or if the man wanted", from José Jazan and John Rollet, those speak about "the factorial Man 5". They calculate the number of possible combinations of the man at 153, and they evaluate it to 5! + 4! + 3! + 2! + 1! = 153.
  • Hundred fifty-three persons were converted in Thebez during the preaching of the apostles after the Ascension of Jesus, according to the visions of Anne-Catherine Emmerick.
  • By counting in solar months, 153 days correspond to the duration of the deluge, which is an image of the baptism.
  • In the Great Pyramid, Barbarin reports that the length of the Great Gallery to the ceiling is 153 feet.
  • The American army proceeded to the first practical tests of the atomic bomb on March 4, 1945, and 153 days after, being August 6, 1945, take place the atomic bombardment on Hiroshima in Japan.
  • The sum of the dividers (aliquot part) of 231, symbol of the Holy Trinity, gives as result 153: 1+3+7+11+21+33+77 = 153.
  • Nunc et in hora mortis nostrae (25)
  • Some authors see in the miraculous draught of fishes of 153 fishes the number of the kind of fishes known at that time.
  • Some researchers have counted how much persons Jesus had blessed in the NT and they have found 153 of them. The list starts with a leprous (Mt 2,1). It continues with the centurion and his servant, then the mother-in-law of Peter. Towards the middle we find 72 disciples sent two by two and ending by the blessing of a born blind man, then Lazare, and finally Mary, mother of Jesus (Jn 19,25).
  • The 153 days is the manifestations of Fatima, May 13 to October 13, 1917, where the Virgin Mary presents herself as the Lady of the Rosary.
  • Each sides of the pyramid of Louvre is covered by 153 losanges and 18 triangles, meaning the value of 324 triangles - if 1 losange qualizes 2 triangles. For the four faces, that make 324 x 4 = 1296 triangles. However 1296 is the square of 36. The numerologists have made a surprising observation: 1296 is exactly the number of years that has lasted in the French monarchy of the baptize of Clovis in 496 to the establishment of the Republic in 1792: 1792 - 496 = 1296.
  • In 1687 in Amsterdam was published in Latin 153 aphorisms, or maxims, alchimical. Briefly, it contained all what belonged to the science in the chemistry.
  • In the recitation of the Rosary, corresponding to the recitation of three beads, the prayer of the Ave Maria is repeated 153 times. In the first bead, 53 Ave Maria, in the second and the third, 50 Ave Maria because the introduction of the three first Ave Maria is not repeated, which gives the sum of 153. The prayer of Our-Father is, as for it, said 17 times. And the sum of the first 17 numbers gives 153. The Whites Fathers was inspired by the Rosary in the fabrication of their necklace which counts 17 large grains and 153 small grains. But the Rosary is often considered as a crown of rose of 153 Ave Maria, which each of it would also be composed so they say of 153 petals. In the messages received by J.N.S.R., Jesus declares to her at a certain time: "My cherished Child, take your Rosary in your hands, say hundred fifty-three Ave Maria and you will see, each time this same number, this same quantity of Souls saved from the bottom of cloudy waters, from the bottom of these holes which do not have bottom, because we will recuperate them before they fall into Nothingness."
  • Ora pro nobis, peccatoribus (23)
  • We don't take care of the 'et' in 'Et benedictus', very euphonic conjunction, while the second 'et' in 'Nunc et in hora' connects expressly the present and the future.
  • The flood of the Rhone in October 1993 is the 3rd similar flood since 153 years ago.
  • In one of the appearances of the Virgin to sister Mary-Danielle, called "Bush of Thorns", Mary appeard to her being as the Queen of Angels, all dressed of pure white, with its very long and large veil behind in 153 different points by 153 angels, each point of the veil having a red rose and a white one attached together.
  • The ministry of the Christ lasted 918 days since his baptism until Easter. However 918 = 153 x 6. Blanquart points out that 6 is the number of the passage, of a change of state. After these six periods of 153 days, Jesus-Christ went "to sit to the right of the Father". Finally, others estimate that the ministry of Christ would have lasted 153 weeks.
  • The appearances of Mary of Lourde in 1858 are ruled by the number 153, as well as in the number of days in the structures of sentences pronounced. Note that amongst others things that the Virgin appears eighteen times and there are 153 days between the second and the last appearance, from February 14, 1858 to July 16, 1858, with a total of 17 appearances in this interval.
  • According to Henri D'Allaines, the final events of the history of the world, when the Antichrist will appear, will occur to the 153th generation starting from Adam. The author leans on a passage of Saint Luke giving the genealogy of Jesus where it enumerates 77 generations starting from the creation of Adam by God. God constitutes then the first level and Adam the second. Therefore, by defining the first human generation from Adam, the 76th generation is found to be the one of the Christ, and adding again an other cycle of 77 generations to give in all 153 generations. He even estimates the date of this 153th generation by counting 25 years by generation. The date of the first generation of the second cycle of 77 generations being the year 70 - period when Jerusalem was taken and burned by the Romans - he calculates: 25 x 77 + 70 = 1995.
  • The Hail Mary, the Ave Maria, in Latin includes 153 letters:
  • The examination of measurements of the Great Pyramid has allowed to some explorers to notice some surprising coincidences. For example, the number 17 represents the hundredth part of the number of inches measuring the distance between the base of the pyramid and the fiftieth layer of blocks of stones constituting the monument. To reach the summit of this one, there are 153 layers of these blocks.
  • The sum of cubes of the three components of 153 gives as result 153: 1^3 + 3^3 + 5^3 = 153. Three other numbers have the same property: 370, 371 and 407.
  • There was a time where 153 nations was represented in the O.N.U.
  • As far as we could go back the appearances of the Virgin Mary, we can say that the first one to give a message about the tribulations that will occur in the end of time of the end, was the famous appearance in September 19, 1846 where Notre-Dame appeared in Salette in France, to two children, Melanie and Maximin. Since this day, the appearances of Mary have not ceased to multiply and the main subject of all these messages was always a incitation to the conversion and tribulations to come. In the messages of God the Father given to Eileen George in 1982, this one living in Worcester in the state of Massachusetts, it is told that all these announced punishments will occur before or at the latest in the year 1999. So, 1999-1846 = 153 years! Then, the man will have had 153 years of warning and incitation from the heaven to convert before God pronounces his judgment on the whole humanity. Moreover, the Virgin declared, concerning the recitation of the Rosary, during a private revelation to a priest in Italy: "my son, since centuries and specially in these last 150 years, I indicated it to my Church like a powerful remedy for many, very many pains which afflict it". Why does she have not told 153 years? Perhaps that the last three years, time of the Great Tribulation according to the prophet Daniel, the heaven, from now on, will keep silence, after 150 years of solicitation composed of many appearances of Mary and several public revelations of the Christ, transmitted even sometimes by simple devoted servants.
  • In the Chinese book Chou-King - the Book of the History - Confucius reports that under the reign of Yao there was a deluge in China - which would correspond to the date of the biblical Deluge. Following the deluge, Yao ordered to Ho and to Hé to calculate the movements of the sun, the moon, the stars, and to fix the seasons, as if all had been disturbed. Chun, the successor of Yao, undertook the works that required the evacuation of the waters remaining in low parts. And the chronology shows that the two successive reigns of Yao and Chun extended on 153 years.
  • Sancta Maria, Mater Dei (19)

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