Sacred meanings of the number 144

Sacred meanings of 144. What does repeatedly seeing 144 mean? Why do you keep seeing 144? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 144

  • When one adds the number of petals of the five inferior psychic centers, we obtain a total of 48 petals. By adding the 96 petals of the frontal center (the place of the third eye where the small number must receive its divine mark), we obtain the number 144, symbol of the perfect and expressed spiritual work, that is to say of the marriage between the soul and the personality.
  • When several kinds of symbolic significance are contained in the multiples of a number, the symbolism of this number is consequently enriched and reinforced. This is why the number 144 is considered as very favorable because on the one hand we obtain by theosophical reduction 9 = 1+4+4 and that on the other hand we find among these 14 divider numbers 72, 36, 24, 12, 9 and 8 which are very rich in symbolism.
  • In the number 144, according to Fathers of the Church, the hundred expresses the Unit of the divine world (the Unit of God) 4 of the ten, the stability of the angelic world, 4 of the Unit, the eternal stability of the Holy City, whose form is precisely a cube.
  • Express the idea of a combination of rotational cycles of several orders, in relation with the microcosmic individual, according to R. Allendy. It would express also the completion of a whole and the passage to the following step. As square of 12, R. Allendy sees there "the development of the relations and the possible combinations between the things".

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Why Do You Keep Seeing 144? | 144 Angel Number Meaning

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Gematria of the Number 144

  • By using as correspondence table A=1, B=2, ..., Z=26, André Bouguénec found that, in French, "Le Verbe fait chair" ("The Verb made flesh") = 144. Also for "A la genèse de l'Homme" ("At the genesis of the Man") = 144. It is the same with the French word "ordinateur" ("computer"). By using the opposite correspondence (A=26, Z=1) we discover that "Loi Divine" ("Divine Law") = 144.
  • According to the Dr. Pr. Azoulay, the numerical value of "the Ancient of Days" (Dn 7,9) written in Hebrew, Kedem, gives 144.
  • By using the correspondence A=1, B=2, ..., Z=26, we find that the French words "coeurs unis" ("united hearts"), referring to the united hearts of Jesus and Mary, give 144=81+63 as numerical value. It is the same for the sentence "La Sainte-Face de Dieu" ("The Holy Face of God").

Facts about the number 144

  • Marthe Robin, stigmatized of Châteauneuf-of-Galaure died in 1981, had a great devotion for the Miraculous Medal of the Blessed Virgin, and also a great attachment to the France. For that, one day she wrote a prayer comprising on the whole 144 words addressed to the Father in order that He saves France and the Church of the Christ.
  • The rosicrucians think that there exists in the Universe 144 kinds of different atom, even if the science has not still discovered them.
  • The Palatine Chapel of Aix-The-Chapel was rendered famous by the prestigious memory of Charlemagne, First Emperor of the Saint Worsens Roman Germanic, King of the Francs and Emperor of Occident, who was made bury to the seat of its Empire in 814. The total length of this building is 144 feet.
  • The number 144 is told "abundant" since the sum of its dividers (aliquot parts) gives a result higher than 144: 1+2+3+4+6+8+9+12+16+18+24+36+48+72 = 259.
  • The number 144 was often used as measurement for many Christian buildings and for some pagan buildings of 1st millennium of our era: 144 ells for the church of the Holy Sepulcher at Jerusalem, the mausoleum Saint-Helen in Rome, the marian church of the Gorizim Mount, the pagan rotunda of Salonic known as Saint-Georges, and the 144 feet for the Palatine Chapel of Aix-the-Chapel. The origin of this measurement comes from the Revelation (Apocalypse) where John attributes to the periphery of the celestial city 144 cubits. (Rv 21,15-17).
  • The traditional horoscope is summarizes essentially with the 12 signs of the zodiac, but with the ascending, we obtain 144 possible divisions.
  • The Graal comprised 144 facets.
  • According to Plato and Aristotle, there would be great changes in the cities every 144 years (square of 12) and there would be great changes in the history of the humanity every 1728 years (cube of 12).

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