Higher meanings of the number 112

Higher meanings of 112. What does repeatedly seeing 112 mean? Why do you keep seeing 112? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 112

  • Belongs to the world of the action, which is that of the global epigenesis, according to Abellio. It is the return to the principle.

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Gematria of the Number 112

  • The word vicar written in Latin, vicarius, gives as numerical value 112 by using the letters of the Roman numbers:
  • V I C a r I V s
  • The vicar is the priest associated with a priest. But we use also the expressions "Vicar of Jesus Christ" or "Vicar of the Son of God" to refer to the pope.
  • 5 1 100 1 5 = 112

Facts about the number 112

  • The Tibetan, Hindus and Chinese monks, being engaged to the contemplation an to the meditation, know 112 ways or precepts of Zen and Shiva. C.M. Chen, who lived a long time as a recluse in a cave of the Himalaya, classified these hundred twelve Ways of the meditation in twelve categories of which each one concerns a particular aspect of the asceticism: the breathing, the letters and their sound, the point or the center of Zen meditation, the action to look, the feeling of the not-possession of the body, the light, the fact to enter in concentration by the practice of the stop, the great fusion or the omnipresence, the practice of the Zen in relation with the desires and the states of spirit, the ego, the conscience and the vacuity.
  • Jâbir Ibn Hayyân, in his "Book of the Seventy" (Kitâb al-sab'în) attaches a very great importance to the numerical series: 1, 3, 5, 8 and 28. He used them especially to elucidate the principles using in the construction of metals. Each of the four qualities - hot, dry, cold, humid - or elementary "natures" presented, he supposed, four degrees and seven subdivisions, which gives a total of 112 "positions" - 28 x 4.
  • On 264 popes, until John-Paul II, 208 popes were Italian, whose 112 Romans.
  • The "112th pope", according to the prophecy of the popes of saint Malachi, made an allusion to the arrival of "Peter the Roman" and would be the last pope of the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

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