Hidden meanings of the number 110

Hidden meanings of 110. What does repeatedly seeing 110 mean? Does it mean anything to see 110 repeatedly? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 110

  • It represents the result of a life of holiness and virtue, finishing sometimes under very painful conditions but glorifying for the soul of the person himself or for the soul of the people like him.
  • As a product of 22 and 5, the number 110 is a mystical symbol of the Eucharist, resulting from the sufferings of the Word of God, 22, with his 5 wounds on the cross, inaugurating the first Holy Mass on the Golgotta in presence of his mother, the Virgin Mary, living in her body and her soul, just as Jesus, these 5 marks of pain (5 on the body and 5 in her soul giving 55 by concatenation) and uniting together their sufferings for the redemption of the world, 55 + 55 = 110.

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Gematria of the Number 110

  • Always by using as correspondence table A=1, B=2, ..., Z=26 we find that "FOLIE DIVINE" (divine folly) gives 110. One of epistles of Paul told us that the sacrifice of the cross was considered as a folly by the people. But what appears to be a "folly of God" for men is in reality "wisdom of God".
  • Let us note that 110, written in French ("CENT DIX") gives 110 by using as correspondence table A=26, B=25, ..., Z=1.
  • The numerical value of Hebrew word AB EAMVNE meaning Father of the faith, and MVSD meaning foundation or base, gives each one 110.
  • With the French Cabal, by using as correspondence table A=1, B=2, ..., Z=26, André Bouguénec found that "LE SANG + LA CHAIR" (the blood + the flesh) and "PAIN ET VIN" (bread and wine) gives each one 110, the bread and the wine being used at the Holy Mass by the priest (where "PRETRISE", priesthood, gives also 110) for the transformation in the body and the blood of Jesus Christ. Note also that "RELIGIEUX" (religious) = 110.
  • By using the ASCII table, we discover that the number 77 written in ASCII gives as numerical value 110. The number 77 has a very remarkable symbolism.
  • By using as correspondence table A=26, B=25, ..., Z=1, being "the reverse" of the previous correspondence, we find that the French word "OCCULTE" (occults) gives 110, meaning that sometimes the occult sciences teach the opposed doctrines to the faith of the Church.

Facts about the number 110

  • During His Passion, the Christ would have had 110 wounds of thorn on the head and would have been pushed brutally 110 times.

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