Secret meanings of the number 104

Secret meanings of 104. What does repeatedly seeing 104 mean? Why do you keep seeing 104? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Video Explaining the Secret Meaning of number 104

Angel Number 104: The Meanings of Angel Number 104

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Facts about the number 104

  • For the Aztecs, the great cycle of 104 years (an Aztec century), 13 x 8, was only an astronomical period. The concordance with their year of 584 solar days, based on the synodical revolution of Venus, was done every 104 years.
  • The 104 Holy Scripture by which Allah has appeared to men, of which four only remained: the Pentateuch of Jews, the Psalms of David, the Gospel of Jesus and the Koran of Mahomet, considered as being the most complete.
  • Carthage had 104 senators, that is to say the double of the number of weeks in a year.

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