1000 (10:00) Meaning

1000 (10:00) meaning. What does 1000 symbolize? Let's try to answers to these questions and more..

Symbolism of 1000

  • The Fathers of the Church saw in the number 1000 "the totality of the generations and the perfection of the life".
  • Symbol of multitude.
  • Evoke a very long time according to the Bible. It is often used also to specify an indefinite quantity.
  • According to the Talmudic tradition, thousand is the symbol of the imperishable doctrine.
  • Have a paradisiac meaning, it is the immortality of the happiness.

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Gematria of the Number 1000

  • The numerical value of Hebrew word QTz meaning "the end", and ThM meaning complete or perfect, gives each one 1000.
  • Annick of Souzenelle points out that Raphael, in Hebrew, is translated by the "divine doctor" and that Raph, is the "doctor" having as numerical value 1000 = 200 + 800, that is to say "the reconquered unit with the recovery".

Facts about the number 1000

  • One day the Christ told to saint Brigitte of Sweden, who lived from 1303 to 1373: "My daughter, the one who, with will and faith, reads these five words: «Jesus, have mercy of me», pleases me more than the one who read abstractedly thousand verses of the Bible."
  • It is the number of years that should have lived Adam if he had not sinned. According to the Bible, it would be dead at the age of 930 years old (Gn 5,4).
  • The 1000 Makâ Yougas, or great ages, of which would be composed each "kalpas", the great cosmic cycles, according to an Indian belief.
  • An eastern ritual dating of 700 years after J.-C. describes Manjusri which has 1000 arms, holding 1000 bowls, each one containing 1000 sakyamuni.
  • According to ancient texts, it is question of the "thousand gods of Hatti", indicating a polytheism very developed at the Hittites.
  • Referring to the power of Allah gone down of night on Muhammad, the Koran declares that "the Night of Power is better than a thousand months!" (Koran 97,3)
  • The papyrus of Leyde has "thousand songs to Amon".
  • The Sahasrara Chakra located at the top of the head is called the lotus with the 1000 petals. Some esoteric texts mention in fact that there is on the whole 972.
  • According to the Talmud, the Torah concerns thousand generations, but it would have been revealed to Israel only at the 26th generation of the history of the world, that is to say starting from Adam. It is Moses that, at the 26th generation of the world, receives the Torah transmitted by God.
  • The thousand guardian angels that had the Virgin Mary in the beginning her terrestrial life: 900 ordinary angels (100 of each chorus), 12 other angels in the corporal form, 18 ambassador angels and 70 seraphs, according to the visions of Mary Agreda.
  • In the mathematical base seven, 1000 is the number following 666, the number of the Beast of the Revelation.

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